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i feel like i’m always on semi-hiatus but yeah i am

until got7’s comeback at least

i’m also just too lazy to make gifs kekeke


2nd part of the Brook’s Townhouse “Rosso Corsa”

Author’s comment:
Finally, I can share my finished work with you! Officially 3 months have passed since I started from a scratch. I hope you will create many great stories and dreams in this house as I have done it myself.

NEW LOT: Brook’s Townhouse “Rosso Corsa”

Furnished: Fully, interior and exterior
CC: Yes (a lot)
Lot size: 25x15, 1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom
Original world: St Claire by Awesims
Price: § 128167.00

Download it here: Mediafire

House created for a couple or single artist-gardener sim. This townhouse has many entertainment options - a basement bar, piano etc. There are plenty of outdoor sitting areas, two types of transport - a city bike and an amazing 70’s Chevy.

Enjoy and please reblog! Have fun!
Visit my previous post for
more screenshots:

his smile is like sunshine ;___;

taking a bite from dimsum mark

mark laughing hard on weekly idol after defconn said his head looked like a dimsum

my thoughs exactly, Jr.


this will forever be my favorite set of tweets

the meaning of the official fanclub name is so deep the members have to dig their way out

heh mark